Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table

Product Name:Shop Fox W1824
Brand:Shop Fox
Features:Camlock T-shaped fence with HDPE face, Max rip capacity: 30-inches
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This clever hybrid table saw offers you the best of both worlds, so you can enjoy the usual features of a cabinet saw combined with the functionality and performance of a professional contractor’s saw.  It is thoughtfully designed with several key safety features so offering the keen amateur the capability and range of a piece that might easily be found in a contractor’s workshop, but with the benefit of lots of inbuilt safety features and without the corresponding price tag.

The Basics

Actually not so basic, the W1824 Hybrid Table Saw has dust control, a serpentine belt and pulley system, a quick change blade guard and an interchangeable true riving knife which offers protection if you need to remove the blade in non-through cutting jobs i.e. where the blade is not required to pass through the entire depth of the material.  At 220V, this saw has plenty of oomph but is still lighter to use than many rival brands.  And you might curse a little when putting the saw together because it is heavy but the cast iron construction will allow you to work on the heaviest piece of wood, with confidence.

Shop Fox W1824 Features

The Riving Knife – a metal plate mounted below the highest point of the blade’s rotation and which prevents the freshly cut piece from pinching the back edge of the blade and causing kickback, a key safety feature.


Shop Fox W1824 Riving Knife


Quick Release Blade Guard – this clear polycarbonate blade guard allows you to view the blade whilst it is in operation; it covers the blade, lifting when the blade starts to perform but it remains in contact with the item until the cut is complete.  Because the guard is clear, there is maximum visibility for the operator during the process which in itself promotes safer usage, maximum visibility combined with maximum protection.


Precision ground cast iron table – designed to support the heaviest piece and there is also a low friction composite extension table which allows work on really large pieces of wood.


Cast iron trunnions – these are placed around the edges of the table to support the top.


T-slow mitre gauge – not the most substantial in the world so you can always substitute it with a more robust version.


Camlock T-shaped fence with HDPE face – this is easy to move, it slides very easily and is both accurate and secure to lock down.


Anti-kickback pawls – these allow the item to travel in one direction only.  If the piece starts to move backwards as can happen with kickback, the pawls dig into the piece to either slow or stop it.


4” dust port – does exactly as described, to collect dust.


The total package

The Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw comes unassembled so you will need to put it together; this is reported as being straightforward but possibly time consuming.  Whilst the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid is a fairly hefty beast prior to assembly, once it is up and running, it is easy to move around on its wheels.  The power cord is a little short at 6ft but the ease of manoeuvrability will counter this issue.


Assembly of the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw may be time consuming although the instruction booklet is clear and helpful.  Everything is mounted onto the table top as this is not a cabinet saw so it could prove challenging to access key components to make adjustments. The blade alignment can be tricky within the close confines of the cabinet and the instructions state that these are factory calibrated but users do report that manual adjustments may need to be made so a top tip is to do this before installing the wings and fence rails.

Customer Support

The Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw comes with a two year warranty to give you that reassurance. Just make sure you register the product after delivery.

Shop Fox W1824 Final Thoughts

Because of its weight – this table is made of cast iron – just take note that some carriers may not be able to deliver this product to your doorstep.  In comes in several boxes and they may not all arrive at the same time so you should factor this into your time frame whilst you await delivery. Despite the size, the manufacturer suggests an approximate Assembly & Setup Time of 1 hour.  This product is made in China but seems to be well enough manufactured to provide satisfaction to customers in the majority of cases.  The Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid is popular with those serious hobbyists who want all the performance of a professional workshop piece combined with the advantages of a cabinet saw.  The keen price tag really does make it value for money.

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