Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-inch Shop Fox Table Saw

Product Name:Shop Fox W1820
Brand:Shop Fox
Features:Max. rip capacity: 49", Certified to CSA and UL standards!
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Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife


The Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-inch Table saw shouts quality and solid build.  Made of cast iron, unlike many of its counterparts that are let down with poorer quality fittings, every aspect of this unit is heavy duty and robustly made. We know that Shop Fox table saws are popular and we’ve already reviewed their popular W1824 Hybrid Table Saw here


The Basics

There is nothing like doing the ordinary well, and the Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-inch Table does exactly that, powerful, with virtually no vibration and totally stable. It has a 3 HP Leeson motor and triple belt drive, a 50 inch rip capacity and is a smart looking piece of kit for any workshop.


Shop Fox W1820 Reversed


Shop Fox W1820 Features

The Shop Fox W1820 3 HP is made of cast iron, including the wings; some rival products have stainless steel wings which are not man enough for the job but no such worries here. There is a long extension table with adjustable legs which is just as stable as the main unit due to its frame of square, steel tubing. This table extension can be removed if desired by releasing some of the threaded bolts. The trunnions are also cast iron and they are massive.

This unit has safety features in abundance. The riving knife is quick release and follows accurately the movement of the blade, and it has a clear blade guard which means the user can clearly monitor the work of the cut whilst remaining in total safety.  The guard rises slowly in line with the blade cut but remains in the correct position in contact with the piece whilst you are cutting.  The anti-kickback pawls means that the item cannot backtrack; if it stops moving forward then the pawls will slow it, if necessary, to a stop.  The anti kickback pawls are located on either side of the spreader which is a metal plate, there to minimise the chances of the freshly cut face pinching or grinding on the blade which is one of the things that can cause kickback because the blade stops running smoothly.  Despite all these safety features, the blade is not locked down and inflexible, and the operator is still at liberty to tilt the blade to an angle of anywhere between zero and forty-five degrees which is great for bevelling and chamfering.  A simple lock releases the blade and there is a hand wheel which allows the blade to be tilted to the required angle.

The Shop Fox W1820 3 HP has an easy glide T-fence system which runs as smooth as silk on nylon runners but is very solid when locked down into position.  It is fitted with a hefty anodised fence extension and flip stop.  This is perfect for working longer pieces and the mitre fence gives greater support then simply having a mitre gauge which is standard on other units of this type.  The fence just flips out of the way and then pivots back down again.  A handy 4 inch dust collection port completes the unit.


The Shop Fox W1820 3 HP is easy to assemble and whilst undoubtedly, it is a heavy piece of kit it is possible for one person to put this together by themselves, with a little ingenuity.  You should note that when the item is shipped, the unit is secured to the platform by two bolts this might give the impression of actually being stuck so that is something to be aware of, particularly as this is not mentioned in the instruction booklet that accompanies the piece.  Adding the extension table is possibly the time when a second pair of hands would prove useful, not necessarily to fit the extension but to synchronise the tables together so that the joint edge is smooth and the whole surface consistent to a level.

Shop Fox W1820 Close Up




Customer Support

Tech support receives good reviews in general from customers.  Shipping is prompt and there seem to be good deals available on free delivery. Don’t forget too that this Shop Fox table saw is built to last and is also certified to CSA and UL standards!


Final Thoughts On The Shop Fox W1820

For the price, the Shop fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch table saw cannot really be bettered, add on free delivery and you really do have a great purchase.  For the money, you won’t find a better saw and unlike some of its rivals which can be inconsistent in build quality and parts, this unit has been thoughtfully designed and well built in its entirety.







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