Ridgid R4513 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

Product Name:R4513 15 Amp 10 in. Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand
Features:Blade Diameter 10 in, Foldable Stand.
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 Why We Like The Ridgid R4513

With the multitude of table saws that are already available in the market and those which you can purchase online, it is necessary that you take time reading what satisfied customers can say in their table saw reviews.
As popular as the Dewalt Jobsite range is, we wanted to look at other options. This is to make sure that you are buying the best table saw and the one that you really need. In choosing a table saw, you should consider if you need a professional table saw or a portable table saw. Most people thought these two features are impossible to find in just one table saw. But they have been proved wrong by the Ridgid R4513Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand. 
. This machine will work with a dado, which is not included in the box, so you’ll need to order one if required.


Packed with all the best features of a professional table sawRidgid R4513 is a highly portable. Table saw reviews even compliment how you can actually use the tool right away after taking it out from the box. Setting up the product takes only ten minutes! Nevertheless, the tool’s portability is not compromised as this table saw is also specially designed for heavy-duty applications.


Here is the list of the main features of Ridgid R4513 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand:

Ridgid R4513 is famous for its simplicity and for its being user-friendly. Its collapsible design enables you to transport it from one working place to another. It also allows easy maintenance and storage. Table saw reviews show that it has stand features that efficiently holds the blade guard assembly, rip fence, extra blades, and miter gauge. It’s also liked by customers because of its portability in any job worksite.

Ridgid R4513 review

The Ridgid R4513 uses a powerful motor with 15 amp which can work on up to 4,400 RPM. This proves that this table saw is apt for heavy-duty purposes. It operates on a soft start that adds to the durability of the tool. Because of this feature, the life of the motor is prolonged as breaker tipping is reduced and smooth starting is executed.

  • Table saw reviews also show that you can easily and quickly adjust blades, depending on the application. This is because it is equipped with a tool-free blade guard a fence that is featured with micro-adjust system. The tool itself has a single-handle bevel which you can use to adjust height.
  • Accessory Storage – For tape measure, pens, scribe, pencil or other marking tools
  • Another key feature of Ridgid R4513 is the Retract-A-Rip fence and rail that ensures the accuracy of the rip dimension to the blade. This system also provides the capacity to provide accurate measurement even though the tool is highly portable.
  • Advanced Tool Free Guarding – Modular design for versatility and exceptional blade coverage
  • Table saw reviews show that Ridgid R4513 is very efficient in both heavy operations as well as in simple home tasks.
  • Innovative Internal Rip Fence Storage – Maintains fence alignment by protecting fence while stored
  • With all the positive responses on table saw reviews, you can now be sure that you get only from the top brands with excellent quality.
  • Combination Height/Bevel Adjustment – Single handwheel design for ease of use. Includes height adjustment lock to ensure an exact depth of cut

Ridgid table saw reviews

Conclusion On This Ridgid Table Saw Review.

Yes there’s cheaper brands on the market, but at the same time there are similar specifications which cost half as much again as this R4513. We hope we’ve covered any concerns through our Ridgid table saw review for the 4513 model.

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