Grizzly G0605X1 Extreme 12-Inch Table Saw

Product Name:G0605X1 Extreme 12-Inch Table Saw
Features:Maximum rip capacity: 52", 4" dust port
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Someone asked for a recommendation for a 12 inch table saw, so we decided to review the Grizzly G0605X1 Extreme Table Saw, 12-Inch.

With a circular table saw being one of the most common tools to find in a craftsman’s work shop there are a great many options on the market. They can be differentiated in terms of power and portability but above all on size.  Given that your table saw will probably turn in to one of your most-used tools, it’s probably worth sacrificing a significant portion of your space to make sure you get a  saw that will meet your needs for years to come.

Grizzly’s G0605X1 is a 12” blade saw with a solid cast iron table and super-size supporting wings. It takes up a hefty amount of space in your work area, but will offer you big capacity and a host of safety features. The 12” of blade equates to about a 4” depth of cut.

What is it?

G065X1 is tagged as “Extreme” because of the massive surface area you get to work on. It is ideally suited for handling large panels but does intricate too.  You get both a right-hand and a rear-mounted outfeed extension table that is solid enough to support wide panels throughout the cutting cycle. Even when working on the largest size panels possible, the large rail-mounted on-off switch is still visible and accessible.

Under the table and its extensions you’ll find ample storage space for your support tools. For control, you’ll find a digital read-out for blade angle right next to the adjustment wheels.  In terms of safety, you get fully enclosed blade housing, an effective and easy-to-use blade guard as well as a riving knife.  You also find the efficient dust extraction facilities that you would expect to see on a tool aimed at this end of the market.

Who is it aimed at?

Reasonably-sized workshops run by the serious hobbyist or small businesses are the market for G065X1 Extreme. Grizzly have a large range of table saws such as the G066X1 (which needs 3-phase power to drive it) aimed at larger commercial workshops, but essentially the same size as this table saw.  They also offer alternatives with smaller blade sizes (for example G0651) and smaller table sizes (such as G0696X) for when your space is even more constricted.

G0651X is designed to handle professional quality ripping, cross-cutting, mitering, beveling and non thru-cutting applications (such as dadoing) with various materials but mainly timber. In terms of capacity your 4” depth of cut at 90 degrees reduces to 2¾ inch when angling the blade to 45 degrees.

If your jobs fall under these kinds of heading, you’re likely to get the most use out of a circular  table saw (but if you’re seriously considering this table saw, you’ll know this already!):

  • General woodworking: home hobbyists, ripping sheet material, framing lumber, sizing material up to 4-inches thick, ripping and cross-cutting for dados, rabbets, mortise and tenons.
  • Installing hardwood floors: for ripping floor boards
  • Cabinet installers: ripping filler boards
  • Trim carpenters: ripping moldings, wainscoting, framing book shelves, ripping framing lumber
  • Building decking: ripping deck boards, rail caps, railings
  • Remodelers: ripping lumber and sheet material

The best features

Table The size of the table is pretty much the best feature of this unit. Made of cast iron and finished to a super-smooth surface, the table gives you a huge platform to work with.  Including extensions, you get a table size of 69-1/2″ x 78-3/4″. That’s a big work surface, big enough for a 52” rip. Make sure your shop can take it. The table also includes 3/8″ x 3/4″ T-slots & miter gauge.


Running along the fence rail is a measuring stick to help with accuracy.


Fence As you’d expect the 5 inch high, camlock-equipped, T-shaped aluminium fence comes in a size to match the table. Sitting on a fence rail of 91½ inches, the fence itself is a massive 45-1/8   inches – enough to keep your stock straight and true even for some pretty big cutting.


Storage Your fence can be hung on the side of the cabinet on a pair of custom-sized hooks.


Under each of the extension tables are low level shelves to store your equipment.  These are sized to house some of the Grizzly-green sliding drawer storage chests which are available as optional extras. They offer a significant amount of storage space opportunity.


Safety Safety features that you’d expect in a tool of this quality come as standard.


Located at the end of the fence rail so that it is easily reachable, the power switch can be locked with a pin. The switch-off mechanism is more easily accessible than the on-switch for additional security.


There is an easy-to-use blade guard, good enough that you shouldn’t need to think about an after-market option. The supplied riving knife follows the blade as it is raised and lowered helping reduce kickback and  protect your material.


Inside the hinged, steel motor cover, the dust extraction pipe is routed to a standard 4 inch port to which you connect your own extraction unit or canister.


The blade is surrounded and protected from underneath. Angle adjustments are achieved easily by turning the large handles located outside the cabinet. They are supported by sliding scale markers and digital readouts for extra accuracy.

With safety in mind, there are features to support anti-kickback and a blade guard as well as tools to assist in pushing material along the blade.


Motor The 5HP motor is big enough for all most typical workshop jobs. It drives the blade with smooth, quiet Poly-Vinyl serpentine belt.

What do you get for your money?

In your delivery, you’ll get 4 enormous and weighty packages. The main cabinet in particular weighs in so heavy (600lbs) you may need a fork truck to move it around. You get 4 packages: 2 wooden crates containing the main cabinet and the rails; 2 cardboard packs for the fence and extension tables.  The extension tables come with steel supports so you can expect that package to be reasonably heavy as well. When asked about which is considered to be the best 12 inch table saw to purchase, this is the one we suggest.






Grizzly G0605X1 Pros

In this table saw you get an extreme size. With the G0605X1, Grizzly have produced a reliable, solid, precision tool aimed at workshops with a significant throughput of work on a large scale. You get a large, smooth work area with all the mitre slots you’d expect. You also get 2 huge extension tables bolted on to the main cabinet to hold your work on the right and as it is fed through the blade. It is a professional quality 12-inch blade table saw.

The extension tables also provide a significance volume of under-bench storage capacity.

Dust extraction facilities are well designed and use standard connections to hook into Grizzly’s own dust collectors (if you have them) or any other manufacturer’s equipment.

If you are already a Grizzly fan, you know how good this tool will be: solid, hefty, well-engineered, carefully-designed, professional quality.


As long as your shop can handle the size, you can’t really go wrong with this table saw. It has a whole heap of power and a great set of safety features.

Major downside comes in moving the unit in and installing it.  The sheer physical bulk of the packages means that receipt installation is no simple task.  But then, if your shop is large enough to cope, you probably already have the means to manoeuvre the  beast in to position.

As with many Grizzly tools, there is some initial set-up to be done before you can get underway. But again, to Grizzly lovers, that is all part of the process of making your mark on your workshop equipment.  And if you don’t want the hassle, talk it through with your local distributor. They’re sure to be able to help.

Table saws will cut many different types of materials but Grizzly’s units are only designed to cut natural wood or wood-based materials (plywood, MDF, OSB, etc.). If you use them on other materials, Grizzly warn that it could decrease the life of the saw and even render your warranty void.

A Zero Clearance table saw insert is only available as an optional extra.


With showrooms and distribution centres in Missouri and Washington, most of production happens in the Far East, but this is an American company specialised in making machinery for industrial strength wood and metalworking.

Standard 5-year warranties are offered with Grizzly equipment.






Grizzly provide serious equipment for serious workshops. The 12-inch G0605X1 Extreme Table Saw is one serious piece of equipment. It is well thought-through, well-designed and well-engineered, provided by a company who specialise in high-end workshop equipment. This is our go to machine if you’re in the market for a solid yet reliable 12 inch table saw, that is also a workhorse.

Grizzly G0605X1 Extreme 12-Inch Table Saw CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS.

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