SawStop TSDC-8R2 Table Saw Brake Cartridge

SawStop TSDC-8R2 Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 8-Inch Dado Sets

Ten-to-one you have at least one set of dado blades in your collection for cutting grooves. A regular brake cartridge simple isn’t going to cut it for dado blade (pun intended), which is why you’ll need one specifically designed for them.

Enter the SawStop TS DC-8R2 Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 8-Inch Dado Sets.

Similar to the SawStop TSBC-10R2 Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 10-Inch Blades, these have the blue plastic covering and 9-pin connectors. If you have an older SawStop model that requires the clear covering, 15-pin connector cartridges, give SawStop a call, and they’ll sort you out.


Technical Details

Pros and Cons

When it comes to safety with a dado set, the SawStop TS DC-8R2 Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 8-Inch Dado Sets is my go-to every time. Simply the best – I have a spare at all times, even though they are a bit pricey.



Ying-Yang, as my son likes to remind me. Even with all the great qualities of this product, there are a few drawbacks:



Once again, it’s hard to find fault with such a great product. As I mentioned, I keep a spare with me at all times, just in case I forget where a nail or screw is placed in the wood I’m cutting. And I always recommend the SawStop  Brake Cartridge for 8-Inch Dado Sets whenever asked for my opinion.

SawStop Standard Brake Cartridge

Testing Your SawStop Brake Cartridge

I always like to impart some of my wisdom when talking about a subject I’m familiar with. Feel free to ask my son if you ever meet him. He kind of “zones out”, as they say, but I like to think I’m getting through to him!

Point being, I promised I’d tell you how to test your SawStop brake cartridge whenever you change blades (or cartridge, for that matter). I think it’s a nice way to end off too.

It isn’t difficult to test your cartridge at all, and it won’t take much time either.

First off, you want to make sure you’ve installed it properly. Each blade needs to be adjusted so that the gap between it and your cartridge isn’t too wide – or too narrow. Luckily, all SawStops come with a plastic gapping tool to make this even easier.

Next, power your saw up. Let it run through all its self-checks until it’s ready. Don’t start the saw to test it! The blade should be at a complete stop with the motor running because you’re about to do something everyone usually tells you not to do.

That’s right – you’re going to touch the blade.

Just because it’s stopped doesn’t mean you should go ahead and touch the tip. You might cut yourself on the sharp edge. Even if you walk away with a paper cut, you’re going to feel a right fool for cutting yourself on a stationary blade!

So do the smart thing and touch the side of the blade instead. The red light should immediately flash. If it doesn’t, your safety system isn’t engaging, which means you might lose a finger if it comes to the worst.

First, try a different blade. If the red light still doesn’t flash when you make contact, give SawStop a call. They don’t just make top-notch products – they have great service too!

In fact, if one of their cartridges does save your fingers in an accident, let them know. They’ve been known to replace life-saving cartridges for free before.

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