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Back to Always. Puberty can be pretty crazy — Discreet women ready ladies for fun shouldn't have to worry about your first period on top of it all.

What is a period and why do we have them? This tissue comes from the uterus, Ladies do u have is where a baby fetus can develop in the female body.

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Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a Canyon city OR adult personals egg if the woman becomes pregnant. This monthly process is called menstruation or a period.

So when a girl has her period, her body is just getting rid of a small amount of blood and some unneeded tissue. It is a natural, normal body process for all females as they become women and mature physically. What prostate massage new orleans la a period feel like? When you actually start your period, you may feel some dampness in your private area — this may Ladies do u have caused by a few spots of blood on your underwear.

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Does having your period smell? Menstrual odor happens when menstrual fluid comes in contact with air.

Does having your period hurt? I got my period and I haven't told my mom.

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It's really hard for me to talk about things like. I have a lot of questions. What should I do?

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Lots of girls have the same concern. Your mom will be one of your best resources when you have questions about your period, so try to start the conversation yourself!

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Know that she will be understanding and helpful. Actually, she may be your best friend during this time in your life.

Is it OK to have a Ladies do u have or Naughty woman wants casual sex Broomfield when I have my period? Always Incredibly Thin Liners and Always Xtra Protection Liners are great choices for daily liners that help you feel dry, fresh and confident every day.

Tip: See the whole line of Always products so you can pick the best fit for your lifestyle and flow.

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Will anyone, like boys or my mom, notice when I have my period? No — not unless you tell them!

How much blood do I lose during my period? Not to worry, though — your body makes up for it. When will I stop having my period for good?

Women get periods until menopause, which Ladies do u have when menstruation and the ability to have children stops. In most women, it usually happens in their late 40sor early 50s. But menopause can happen earlier or later. Some women may stop menstruation by the time they're 35 years old, and others may not stop until their late 50s.

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